I am enthusiastic about learning languages and exploring cultural differences, so I majored in Japanese Studies in college. I went to Duke University to pursue my master’s degree in East Asian Studies. After having worked in education as a teaching assistant, research assistant, and language instructor, I decided to intern at Ruder Finn, Shanghai, on a corporate team. This experience convinced me of my passion in communications and made me determined to take on PR as my career.

At Honda Aircraft Company, I am a Corporate Communications Coordinator. I am currently responsible for monitoring media coverage and providing media analysis, particularly in China. I also support material drafting and translation in English, Japanese and Chinese. The work environment here is encouraging and I am impressed by how experienced my teammates are and how willing they are to help a new hire.

What I find unique about this company is that it is a place full of opportunities. The company treasures young talent’s ideas and encourages everyone to play their own role. Opportunities and challenges usually coexist, which allows me more chances to grow. The more experiences I accumulate here, the more interesting I find my job.

It is not difficult to find a well-managed company, but a company which is both well-managed and exciting is a treasure. Growing up in China, I was familiar with Honda and intrigued by Honda’s constant pursuit of technology. Honda Aircraft Company reflects Honda’s perseverance in innovation and pioneering spirit in exploring a cutting-edge field, and this is what led me to join Honda Aircraft Company.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, and staying at home with my cat. I also like trying new restaurants in North Carolina on the weekends.

For those beginning their career, and of course, for myself, I believe modesty and confidence are equally important.