At Honda Aircraft Company, I am a Technical Director in the Engineering Department and the Assistant Chief Engineer. This dual role allows me to contribute to a wide range of projects such as product development, engineering business tools processes improvement and talent development. My current position requires the ability to manage large scale and long-term projects while being deeply involved in the technical execution of the projects. It offers the incredible opportunity to operate at multiple levels of the organization and it helps me to remain agile.

I am a mechanical engineer. I received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from École de Technologies Supérieures in Montréal, Canada. I have been working as a product development engineer in the commercial and business jet aviation industry since then. I held key positions in the development of multiple new aircraft platforms, from the advanced design phases until the completion of the certification program. I enjoy working on new product development and there is always something in the works at Honda Aircraft. For an engineer, you cannot ask for anything more than that.

Honda Aircraft offers abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth. All it takes is the will to take on these challenges. I truly enjoy the inter-actions that I have with my team members. We have a very good group of engineers with a wide spectrum of experience level and skillset. They are eager to learn and to take on new challenges. They are at their best when the challenge that they are facing appears insurmountable. Despite the magnitude of these challenges, they always keep a positive attitude and their sense of humor. Honda Aircraft has a very patient and thoughtful approach to support its growth. Short term gains at the expense of long-term progress are typically not what the company is looking for. Furthermore, I have also learned that progress is a process, not necessarily a step function.

The Greensboro’s area has a lot to offer in its near vicinity. The State and National parks are superb and are within a reasonable driving distance. I enjoy hiking and taking photos of the nature. My wife is an artist and use these pictures as inspiration for her work. I also enjoy furniture making. The Triad has a very long and rich legacy in furniture making and the sources of inspiration are plentiful. Finally, I always had a strong interest for history. I enjoy reading historical fictions and biographies to satisfy my curiosity.

My advice to junior engineers to be in the driver’s seat of their professional development and to pull on their mentor as needed to assist them in their development. Nobody will benefit more from their development than themselves and they should own their development plan.