I grew up in Houston, Texas and decided I wanted to be an automotive engineer in high school after meeting the people who made the Cornell Racing Formula SAE (FSAE) car. From that point, I knew I wanted to be on a racecar engineering team. I attended Cornell University and my major was mechanical and aerospace engineering. I also joined the Cornell Racing FSAE team. I tailored my education to automotive and aerospace engineering. My first internship was with a sensor company and the following summer I interned at SpaceX. This cemented my passion for aerospace.

At Honda Aircraft Company, I am a hydraulic systems engineer. In this role, I not only work on hydraulic systems, but also with landing gear and brakes. It also takes me to the ground handling of the aircraft. When you land the aircraft, it’s essentially a car – so I would say my interest segued nicely into my current position.

In my role, the day-to-day activities vary. My responsibility is to define the configuration of the aircraft, but in doing so this allows me to collaborate with the company as a whole through integrated, multi-disciplinary efforts. Broadly, our goals are to support production. We identify and act on opportunities to decrease weight, increase performance, etc. I also support customer service with any issues in the field. Additionally, I interact with suppliers and vendors.

Honda Aircraft Company is unique because of the scope of interaction one has with those throughout the company. I don’t spend much time at my desk because I am often interacting with other groups and departments. The people I work with are interesting individuals with tremendous experience. The scope, breadth and depth of knowledge my mentors here have is incredible. The mentorship opportunities have been great.

It’s impossible not to learn something here. I’ve gotten to learn several new systems and tools here. I would love to evolve as a professional here and use my technical knowledge and interpersonal skills to advance my career and have a positive impact on the organization.

Outside of work, I enjoy driving and am a member of the BMW Car Club of America. I enjoy learning new languages. I play indoor and outdoor soccer. My other hobbies include casual investing and cooking.

My advice to young professionals is to be proactive. The pace of recruiting and hiring is only getting faster. If you’re interested in starting your career, be on top of your application deadlines and career events.