I am from Japan and was raised in China. The environment I grew up has shaped me into a “language geek”, where I speak Japanese at home, Chinese in public, and English at school. After my high school, I moved to New York to study Linguistics and Education. I like acquiring new languages because it not only allows me to be exposed to different culture, but also allows me to access more resources during my thought process, ultimately providing unique solutions in everyday life.

I was looking for an opportunity to apply the skill sets and knowledge I gained with my multicultural background. I was also interested in working for an advanced technology company. While looking for a job during college, Honda came to mind; unconsciously I have been surrounded by Honda products since I was young. During my search, I was amazed by the product and the program, and I knew I wanted to join the company. I felt a strong desire to promote this brand and product around the globe. This desire has led me to who I am now.

Given my linguistics background, I was first hired as a translator/interpreter. I soon realized there were many opportunities to pursue at Honda Aircraft Company and was approached about a potential marketing & corporate communication role. I took on the new role and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I support the company’s communication, explore and create new ways to promote the brand through media coverage, events, merchandise collaborations and partnership projects. In addition to my corporate communications role, I am also a member of the CEO’s office. In this position, I support our CEO’s events and manage inquiries he receives.

My favorite part working at Honda Aircraft Company is building relationships with people. I have the opportunity to work with people from around the globe, including our dealers and customers, as well as other Honda divisions and external organizations. I am proud to work alongside people who are proud to be part of this exciting journey. We are thrilled to create innovation in the business aviation industry.

Advice to a candidate – if you see opportunity, take it. If the company sees potential in you, they push you harder with challenges often. And you push back harder. Do not be afraid to go after something you would really like to do. Honda Aircraft Company is a place with many opportunities for you to grow as a professional.

Outside of work, I love culinary arts. In my spare time, I like exploring many great restaurants in the Triad area. I also enjoy how close Greensboro is to the mountains and beach. There are many good choices for a weekend getaway whenever you need a refresh.