I completed my undergraduate at University of Tokyo in Japan and came to the U.S to study at Georgia Tech for my master’s. In graduate school, I majored in Aerospace Engineering and Computational Science & Engineering.

I chose to work at Honda Aircraft Company since its working environment was very appealing to me. People with different departments collaborate with each other and work on exciting projects. Here I am closely working with experienced engineers and pilots at a highly advanced facility. I thought Honda Aircraft would be the best place to grow as an engineer.

At Honda Aircraft Company, I am an engineer in the Advanced Research Department. I mostly have been working on development of new control systems. It requires a lot of theoretical analysis, implementation, and simulation, but I find myself enjoying each step of the development process. The new knowledge and experience I gain at every step makes me grow as an engineer.

I think what makes Honda Aircraft Company a unique workplace is its diversity. The employees are from all over the world and have different educational backgrounds. Working in this diverse environment provides me great opportunities to find new visions and ways of thinking. Having experts from different educational backgrounds also accelerates my learning curve in various engineering fields.

What I enjoy most at Honda is working with people that share the same passion for aircraft. Since a young age, I have been passionate about airplanes. It is not difficult at all here to find people who share this passion with me and it is always fun for me to talk and discuss what I am passionate about. I have been learning a lot of technical and non-technical skills since I joined Honda Aircraft Company. Among them, the best lesson I learned here is the importance of being an expert in multiple fields. Aircraft design requires a wide variety of skills from many fields. During my career here, I will keep studying to seek to be an expert in multiple engineering fields.

I joined Honda Aircraft Company since I believe I can utilize my knowledge and experience on projects here. I also had the feeling that this work environment would accelerate my skills and knowledge much faster than any other environment, since here I get to work closely with experienced engineers.

My hobby outside of work is flying. I am still a student pilot for my private pilot license. Flying and seeing my neighborhood below me is very exciting and reenergizing.

I think the best advice I could give to someone beginning his or her career is to never stop learning. I believe constant learning is the best and fastest way to be successful in this industry.