I’m from Charlotte, NC and I graduated from NC State University with a BS in Business Administration, concentrating in Human Resource Management.  I’m also preparing to start my MS in Business Analytics at Wake Forest University.  Ironically, up until halfway through my college career, I was an accounting major who had her sights set on becoming an internal auditor for a large accounting firm. However, I learned that my passions were elsewhere when I took my first job as a Community Relations Liaison for a local charity in Charlotte, NC. It was here where I had a love for the true heart of business – the people.

I pride myself in being someone who enjoys being involved in different projects and learning new things. Throughout my college career, I made an intentional effort to intern at various companies within different industries. All of those experiences gave me insight into different HR functions, and lead me into joining Honda Aircraft as my first full time role following my graduation in May 2017.

Currently, I work as an HR Generalist on our Associate Relations team.  As an HR Generalist, I work hand-in-hand with business leaders and partners to develop and implement initiatives that result in stronger working relationships, enhanced employee engagement and continuous improvement in various areas of our business.  My desk overlooks the production floor and the environment is always buzzing with different team members. I  enjoy being able to look out onto the production floor and see the aircraft come to life.  It gives me an appreciation for our product and the people who produce it.

My favorite part about working at Honda Aircraft is the people. While that can seem like a stereotypical answer for most HR people, there’s something really special about the employees here that I love and appreciate.  I’m privileged to work for a company where so many people are both talented and passionate about what they do – from a technician on the floor, to our division leadership. Also, our company is a melting pot of people from so many different companies and industries; however, when it comes to this aircraft and our placement in the aerospace industry, people are passionate about how their work contributes to it.

My advice to those entering the workforce is to say “yes” to opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone: I’m grateful that from the moment I joined Honda Aircraft, I had supervision and management that wanted to see me grow and learn.  I’ve been offered quite a few opportunities here that have helped me learn new skills and continue to be an asset to my team.

Also, I think it is important to find mentors as you are beginning your career or switching to a new field. It is easy as a new graduate to feel alone in your first job.  Being the youngest and least tenured in my department, I initially had a hard time finding my place.  Once I stepped outside of the comfort zone of my department and made new connections, I’ve found people in almost all of the areas of my business that I can lean on for advice, mentorship, and even friendship.

Outside of work, I really enjoy photography and exploring Downtown Greensboro – I live right outside of Downtown Greensboro, so my friends and I love learning more about all that the area has to offer.  There are so many good restaurants, shops and exhibits to explore!   There’s always a ton of cool events to go to as well (i.e. the Food Truck Festival, Free Yoga in the Park).  Day or night, Downtown Greensboro is a great place to meet new people.